Car Restoration


All our employees share one passion:
The passion for classic cars.
So it was a logical conclusion that we would bring this passion back into our company.
We guide you through your entire project.

From finding your dream car till restoring it to his former glory.

Of course this happens in continuously consultation with you, because you know best how your dream car should look like and what technical specs it should have

  Mechanical Problems


Our mechanics have years of experience in the automotive industry.
With our state of the art equipment they can diagnost the problem fast and give you an aqurate calculation of the repair costs.
So you will not have a surprise of the repair costs. If there are unfourtunatly extra costs our mechanic will personaly call you to update you and ask if you want to proceed with the repair.

Through our years of experience, we have excellent purchasing channels, so that we can purchase replacement parts of high quality and affordable priced for you.

Our Inventory


We buy and sell our cars all over the world.

Our purchased cars are first thoroughly inspected so that we can guarantee our high quality requirements.

Our goal is that you as a new or regular customer can confidently steer on the road with your new used car.

If there is something wrong with your purchased car, we will certainly help you to deal with this as soon as possible and after everyone's satisfaction.

  Metal and Paint Work


In our team we have old school metal workers.

They are true craftsmen who are passionate about creating missing parts and can make sheet metal more accurate than the original factory specs.

You can see their craftsmanship when you look at our current projects.